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Healthy-ish Mattar Tofu

Mattar Tofu Recipe

A healthier take on the Indian classic, Mattar Paneer. As with any good sauce, this one is perfectly unctuous with layers after layers of incredible flavour. Paired with tender tofu that takes on all that goodness, this is a winning dish that is nothing but indulgent without any of the guilt.  Paneer is something that only found its way into my heart over the last year. It’s a soft cheese…

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Chilled Tofu with Bang-Bang Sauce

Chilled Tofu with Bang-Bang Sauce Recipe

The ultimate no-cook tofu dish for a quick, spicy and creamy hit  Sliced and laid out out like a hand of playing cards, then smothered in the most addictive bang-bang sauce, this Chilled Tofu with Bang-Bang sauce recipe is honestly my favourite, and also my BEST 5 minute recipe (I will let you know when I come up with something better). All the elements complement each other so well, it’s…

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